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Living in a digital world, where technology is a part of everyday life has its advantages. But there are also a lot of disadvantages.

Hackers are defined as someone who wants to change or attempt to change computer software and security hardware (Robinson, 2012). I believe that if a hacker was to know that an individual used the same password for all their social networks, email accounts, and bank accounts, they would have no trouble stealing that individuals identity.
Identity theft is an ever growing trend, with virus’ able to take over computers and see all your files, and photos (Robinson, 2012). Security is needed on EVERYONES computers. Everyone needs to make sure they have virus software installed on their computer, usual clean outs of your control panel, of virus’ you may have accidentally downloaded, and back up everything!!! Everything you have needs to be saved somewhere else as well.

Some ways to prevent identity theft are:
– Perform antivirus software updates
– Install a firewall on your computer
– Save all your important documents on a hard drive
– Another way to prevent identity theft is to change your passwords regularly.
– Make your ‘secret questions’ difficult to answer, even cryptic.
– Don’t tell anyone your passwords, or answers to your secret questions
– Delete emails from unknown sources (Glinton, 2012)


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