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Digital Divide Infograph

The infograph pictured above, is about the Digital Divide in today’s society.  It goes on to explain that for every 2 people that are online there is 1 who is not (Hanson, 2010). This can cause a problem with social acceptance, and also studying, working and furthering ones career, for the person whom is not online.

The infograph shows a graph, that 23% of $40,000 or less annually income earners are not connected to the internet, compared to the 3% who earn $120,000 annually (Chase, 2011). This statistic shows that one needs the internet to be able to get further in their desired careers, or learning areas.

Students who come from low income families will miss the opportunity to be surrounded by technology and will have a higher risk of becoming illiterates in the digital world. This will cause the students to also become social outcasts, because they will not be able to be involved in social media like Facebook, Myspace, twitter etc. They won’t have the resources to have mobile phones and be included in texting each other or calling each other. This can not only hurt their social life, but damage their confidence in using technology.


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