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Pinterest is a tool to ‘re-pin’ images or videos onto a pin board style website that allows people to manage theme based image collections for hobbies and interests (Ayotte, n.d) .

Pinterest isn’t only a place to find new hair styles or what you might like to have at your wedding, but can also be a place to find ideas on what to teach in a classroom, How to format a lesson plan, or even how to style your classroom in a way that would benefit the students.

What is interesting about Pinterest is the educational potential it has in education. It can assist teachers to share and use lesson plans and class ideas in their classroom (Kharbach, 2011). Teachers are able to look for favourite classroom projects or lesson plans and let others provide their suggestions for improvement.

Not only is Pinterest for a teachers personal development, it can also be used for students classwork. A lesson may be for the students to make a ‘board’ with pins that relate to technology. This can give the students an opportunity to look for inspiration from the pins to use in a bigger assignment that they may have to do later.


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To view a Pinterest board I made specifically for this unit please follow this link