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Gaming in education

Playing games through digital technology has become a way for the net generation to communicate, and to entertain themselves. Incorporating games in the classroom, Teachers can motivate students to become more engaged in activities (Annetta, n.d.).

Using websites such as ‘Sploder’ and ‘Scratch’, can be beneficial in the classroom. This is because it assists the students to learn how to do basic net coding, to know that a games software works, and how much work goes into making them.

Scratch is a programming language and can be used to create applications involving a high degree of digital literacy and the integration of text, pictures, graphics, and sound, in an interactive application.

Sploder is a website that provides users with the necessary tools to create their own video games. You do not need any special designing or graphic skills everything is provided you just select what you want and add little of your imagination.

HERE, I have made a Sploder arcade game to try out this educational yet fun software.


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